Wow, what an amazing story this is. First the baby chimpanzee separates itself from its mama and friends to go and play and probably get some food after all the playing without thinking for a second that it would get lost in the forest and on realizing this, it stopped for a second to think and try to remember where it left its mama but instead, its sad because it cant remember – ohhhhh, lets take a second to look at that adorable little face. Any way, going back to its parent, the mama stops playing to rest until she realizes that her baby is missing so she decides to go on and look for her. When the friends look around and are seeing neither the baby chimp nor its mama, they get into an argument blaming themselves for not minding about their friend so they decide to think and look for a way of finding their missing friends and indeed they do get a way of doing something good so they mobilize their other friends and go as a team to find the missing chimps. Back at home, the grand dad chimp is worried as well as the rest of the family hoping and wishing to see their family members well and back soon and just after wishing for a shred of hope, we see the mama chimp carrying its little one smiling as it should always be and the little one happy holding onto its mama repeatedly playing the song-“i will never let you go mama”in its head” and after this reunion, the chimpanzee family lived happily ever after.


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